19 Febbraio 2020

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Prenatalsafe test in Ecomedica

25-03-2014 09:52 - News Generiche
Is now available at Ecomedica analysis laboratory the prenatalSafe test, a new fetal DNA testing from maternal blood sample.
This test , developed by an Italian laboratory , promises , with almost complete certainty and with a simple test of the mother blood , to identify, through the direct analy...

New multi- TAC (64 slices) at Ecomedica

31-01-2014 11:32 - News Generiche
This new instrument is a true jewel of technology , able to perform very specific exams in a short time and with considerably reduced radiation dose to the patient.

With the 64-slice CT with cardiac and angiologic software at Ecomedica it is possible to carry out tests at very high definition and ...

Mammography in young age

25-01-2014 14:09 - News Generiche
The results of a new American study reported that the highest number of deaths caused by breast cancer relates to young women who do not undergo regular checks . The study, just published in the Cancer journal , brings up new evidence in support of those who encourages women under 50 years to con...

SUPPLEMENTS AND SPORT Everything you ever wanted to know about supplements ( and never dared to ask)

23-01-2014 10:54 - News Generiche
It will be held at the Ecomedica's conference hall the second appointment with SINSeB Experience courses.
The training project, aimed at doctors, biologists , chemists etc, created by the will of Fabrizio Angelini, President of the Italian Society of Sports Nutrition and Wellness SINSeB and Adviso...

Radioterapy and cancer

18-11-2013 12:47 - News Generiche
Is Radiation therapy still having an important role to cure cancer?
The answer is absolutely YES as confirmed by the Professor U. Ricardi, Professor of Radiotherapy at the University of Turin, which underlines: "Today, more than 60% of people with cancer receive radiation therapy." The treatment ...

Professionisti della salute

14-11-2013 20:44 - News Generiche
Attiva in Empoli dal 1988, nasce come Centro Diagnostico per poi svilupparsi anche come struttura poliambulatoriale e centro specializzato in trattamenti radioterapici.

Prima volta in Ecomedica ?

20-07-2012 15:41 - News Generiche
Per noi è importante che ogni persona che entra in Ecomedica si senta tutelato e assistito in ogni forma.

E' proprio per questo che vogliamo spiegarti come funziona il nostro sistema:

La nostra struttura è dotata di un ampio parcheggio interno dedicato alle ambulanze, ai mezzi di servizio e alle pe...
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