07 Aprile 2020
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The Institute

Health Director

Dr. Carlo Lotti


Dr. Fabio Dragoni


The Institute of Clinical Research Ecomedica (CF e P. IVA 03885540488 ) is headquartered in via Cherubini 2/4.
The building consists of two floors and a basement
The basement is made ​​up of three separate areas , completely independent and having different access .
The body structure has two main entrances , one pedestrian and another driveway on the street in front of Luigi Cherubini road, and a secondary entrance driveway on the rear where (A. Corelli road) .
It presents innovative solutions with elements characterized by modularity and flexibility, so as to respond to possible changes in the needs , modernity and long -term perspective of the property; centralized control facilities; centralization of services, streamlining the flow of people, goods and information.
The structure was designed on the basis of making even easier to use for people with disabilities , there is a large parking on the rear of the property and a reserved parking for people with disabilities.
The Institute of Clinical Research Ecomedica is credited with the Health Service pursuant to Law R. 5/8/2009 n . 51 and the D.P.G.R. 24/12/2010 n . 61 / R n.5517 with a decree of 23 November 2012 for the following disciplines:

  • Clinical Pathology
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Radiology
  • Radiotherapy

and for those activities has an agreement with the Local Health Unit 11 - Empoli .

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