09 Luglio 2020

CT (Computed Tomography)

At Ecomedica you can perform a wide range of tomography ( CT ) :

What is ?

The computerized axial tomography , or CAT scan , is a diagnostic test that combines the traditional X-rays with computer technology . This allows to obtain the three-dimensional radiological image of a cross section of the body.
Ecomedica has a new multi-TAC (64 slices ), a true jewel of technology , able to perform very specific exams in a short time and considerably reducing the radiation dose to the patient.

How it works

To perform the examination , the patient is asked to lie down on the couch, to relax and to minimize voluntary movements . Throughout the examination generally does not exceed 30 minutes. In many circumstances the patient may be asked to stay without breathing for a few seconds. During the examination , the bed on which the patient is lying , is made to slide inside a special equipment, while a tube , a source of X-rays , revolves around the part to be examined and collects , through a particular electronic system recording, hundreds of images that are processed by an electronic computer and reconstructed into three-dimensional images . These images show the whole range of shades of gray ( from white to black ) and can be very detailed ( so-called high-definition ) and it allows us to recognize normal from pathological tissues . In the course of the movement of some of the components inside the machine makes a slight noise, which , however, is not annoying.

When you need

The advantage of CT compared to traditional radiography is that it highlights even small differences in density between the different tissues of an organ, allowing you to view structures otherwise not appreciable, especially if localized in depth. Currently CT allows accurate diagnosis of major injuries such as those of the nervous system , abdominal organs , musculoskeletal , however , his main field of action is the study of tumors, most if small or localized in organs where hardly can be analyzed with the usual diagnostic techniques.
After that examination , the patient must not perform procedures or particular requirements and can immediately resume his normal activities.
Although generally not using contrast substances, however , of the time , images may be clearer after the administration of radio-opaque contrast media. The CT scan with contrast medium required for the patient who must undergo an investigation fasting for at least 6 hours, and specific blood tests .
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