19 Febbraio 2020


SUPPLEMENTS AND SPORT Everything you ever wanted to know about supplements ( and never dared to ask)

23-01-2014 10:54 - News Generiche
It will be held at the Ecomedica's conference hall the second appointment with SINSeB Experience courses.
The training project, aimed at doctors, biologists , chemists etc, created by the will of Fabrizio Angelini, President of the Italian Society of Sports Nutrition and Wellness SINSeB and Advisory Member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition ISSN .
The project is to propose an high-level training , with both residential and distance learning ( online distance learning ), on Clinical, Sports and Wellness Nutrition aspects.
All courses are characterized by the presence of teachers of the highest national and international level presenting the report of a practical, according to the principle of knowledge and know-how.
After the great success of the course on methods of body composition measuring is the new training event titled " SUPPLEMENTS AND SPORT Everything you ever wanted to know about supplements (and never dared to ask)".
The theme of the supplements is certainly a priority for all those working with athletes of all levels , from simple amateur to professional, but unfortunately in that area there are many differing opinions are often not based on scientific data .
The ease of supplements retrieval and often , unfortunately, the poor quality of controls on products ( news these days is the discovery of synthetic steroids in a product available online ) often combine with little or no knowledge by those who "advise " to take a product, and products made ​​in the scope of supplements prescription in sport a real minefield.
The association SINSeB and Professor Angelini are intended to promote a "culture " of integration free from dogmatism, but based on scientific evidence , to provide a rational view of supplements, backed by scientific evidence and not by beliefs more or less justified .
The teachers, of absolute excellence , were chosen not only on the basis of their theoretical knowledge but , above all, for their unquestionable practical experience with athletes from various disciplines and all levels of competition, from top level to amateur, and deal with the integration single-issue interventions aimed at furthering all aspects relating to the substance in question .
All events are run in collaboration with the International Society of Sports Nutrition , the world most prestigious scientific society in sports nutrition field and will be hosted at Ecomedica Empoli , increasingly the focus of the project as a major center of higher education and fulcrum of scientific projects in the field of Sports Nutrition .

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