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Clinac DHX High Performance
It is a linear accelerator used in a principal way for the treatment of tumors of the breast or prostate tumors.
It's also indicated for the treatment of other specific tumor pathologies.
mode with photon beams from 6:10 MV
mode with electron beams from 4,6,9,12,16 MeV

It is a linear accelerator used mainly for stereotactic treatments and hypofractionated mode VMAT, liver tumors, lung tumors, brain tumors.
It 'also indicated for the treatment of all tumor pathologies.
Image Guided Radiation Therapy IGRT =
IMRT = Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
VMAT = Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
mode photon beams with 6 MV
mode with electron beams from 4,6,9,12,16 MeV

La Radiotherapy

Radiation therapy is based on use of high energy radiation to destroy cancer cells, trying at the same time to preserve as much as possible the healthy cells .

Before treatment are carried out a series of diagnostic tests and consultations in order to estimates the right radiotherapy approach for the specific case .
In particular are runned a series of diagnostic tests to pinpoint the area to be irradiated in order to hit more directly the tumor and have in-depth knowledge of the organs or healthy tissue surrounding it.
A treatment plan is scheduled according to how many sessions and how aggressively to treat the patient .
Changes in tumors are evaluated time to time to see if the treatment plan should be changed or not.
At the end of treatment is analyzed the status of the tumor cells and tissues that were closely neighbors so you can figure out if the tumor has regressed and then if the activity radiotherapy has paid off .

Modern Radiotherapy

Thanks to technologically advanced techniques MD are able to provide a detailed analysis of the area to be treated with millimeter precision in order to direct the beams of radiation only in the areas of the tumor tissue and with the maximum intensity required by the clinical case.

Technologies such as IGRT , IMRT and VMAT allow doctors to never lose the alignment of the machine with the tumor and to modulate the intensity depending on the area to be irradiated .

Specifically :
IGRT ( Image Guided Radiation Therapy ) allows to " align " the pointing system on the tumor within the body during the treatment phase , and then to center it with accuracy .

IMRT ( Intensity Modulation Radiotherapy ) allows to define a 3D model of the tumor in the view of the professionals that monitor the radiation treatment and then allow to attack the tumor from multiple angles in order to make more effective the treatment plan.

VMAT ( Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) allows to employ the desired dose of radiation only in the area that requires and especially to modulate the intensity as the radiation beam moves in the few centimeters, millimeters of the area defined " to treat " . This technique is able to reduce the time required for exposure to radiation from 2 to 6 times .

Ecomedica is equipped with modern technologies for the treatment of tumor areas in order to offer the patient a treatment system that:

  • Affects only the affected areas as much as possible and save the healthy ones ;
  • Let radiate with a dose modulated depending on the area and the tolerance of the surrounding healthy tissue ;
  • Can reduce the total number of sessions and the duration of each session , in order to have the ability to treat more patients in a single year;

The radiotherapy service is available in both " convention" that in " direct " mode, for further informations contact us at +39057199281 .

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