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Radioterapy and cancer

18-11-2013 12:47 - News Generiche
Is Radiation therapy still having an important role to cure cancer?
The answer is absolutely YES as confirmed by the Professor U. Ricardi, Professor of Radiotherapy at the University of Turin, which underlines: "Today, more than 60% of people with cancer receive radiation therapy." The treatment today is more precise, the toxicity is reduced and in many cases, depending on the type of tumor, the radioteterapia can be an alternative to surgery »
At Ecomedica operates a service of Radiation equipped with the latest technologies.
In particular there are two linear accelerators Dual Energy, one of which (Electa Synergy) capable of delivering stereotactic treatment guided by the images (IGRT), intensity modulated volumetric (VMAT) with correction of the respiratory movements that allows optimal treatments.

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