07 Aprile 2020


Presso Ecomedica è possibile eseguire esami di Risonanza Magnetica con e senza mezzo di contrasto in qualunque distretto del corpo tra cui:

At Ecomedica you can run tests MRI with and without contrast medium in any area of the body including:



What is it?

MRI is a test that uses electromagnetic radiation , harmless to the body , which processed by a computer to provide a two-dimensional term , at various levels of the human body .
What is its use ?
With the MRI is possible to study all parts of the human body, however, more frequent exams relate to the skull , spine and joints.

How to do it ?

Inside a magnetically isolated chamber the patient , positioned on a sliding bed , is inserted inside a hollow cylinder , open at both ends , constituted by a powerful magnet which determines the presence of an homogeneous main magnetic field according to the which align all the hydrogen atoms of the patient body. Initially, the main magnetic field is perturbed by magnetic waves with variable incidence that determine the displacement of the direction of the hydrogen atoms of the anatomic region to be studied , to cease this stimulation hydrogen atoms realign with respect to the main magnetic field emitting a signal that is captured by special antennae positioned inside the magnet or in the vicinity of the body segments to be studied. The signal thus obtained is processed by a computer that provides video on the formation of an image that can be further processed and photographed on X-ray film .

How Long?

The exam duration is approximately 30 min. And ´ required some preparation before getting a mammogram ? Not usually , only to perform MRI examinations with intravenous contrast and must , in addition to practicing the laboratory tests required , observe fasting for about 6 hours .

Anyone can undergo the examination ?

No, MRI can not be performed on patients with pacemakers , metallic bodies in the ears or hearing facilities , Neuroenhancers , heart valves, aneurysm clips on ( blood vessels) , chips or metal fragments .
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