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Mammography in young age

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The results of a new American study reported that the highest number of deaths caused by breast cancer relates to young women who do not undergo regular checks . The study, just published in the Cancer journal , brings up new evidence in support of those who encourages women under 50 years to constantly undergo mammography as a screening test to detect the possible presence of a tumor.

The controversy on mammography test is open for years in the United States but also in Italy for his supporters , the test is the best way to identify a tumor before they become symptomatic , when is small, the treatment will be less invasive and the possibility of healing touch 95 per cent
Those against is mostly based on the fact that screening leads too often to false alarms , stress, diagnosis and treatment in excess.
In this latest research, Blake Cady , a professor emeritus at Harvard Medical School in Boston and his colleagues have adopted a parameter of investigation called " failure analysis " which, starting from the deaths of patients for breast cancer , go to analyze the correlation related to the diagnosis .

THE STUDY The researchers have thus investigated the cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed at Partners HealthCare Hospitals in Boston between 1990 and 1999 , followed up to 2007. Of the 609 deaths recorded , among the more than 7300 patients treated , 29 per cent relates to women who had undergone screening mammography , while 71 per cent of deaths occurred in those who had not performed the test. In addition, only 13 per cent of deaths are related to patients aged 70 years or more of age, while as many as half regards women under 50 years. And, among many are missed because of illness , the average age at diagnosis was 49 years . " The biological nature of breast cancer at a young age is more aggressive , while the tumor tends to evolve more slowly and to be indolent in older women - says Cady - . This argues in favor of more frequent testing in young females , while screening may be less close in old age . " The results of the study also highlight the many advances made in the treatment of breast cancer , given that only 9.3 per cent of the patients died due to tumor in more than 12 years after diagnosis ( while the statistics of 1969 reported a mortality of 50 percent) . "But the fact that the vast majority of fatal cases ( 71 percent , in fact ) would apply to women who had not performed regularly checks mammograms clearly demonstrates the importance of screening for early detection of the disease ," concludes the researcher.

CASES ON THE RISE IN THE 40s To date, the United States, the American Cancer Society and the main associations of gynecologists and radiologists recommend an annual mammogram to all women between 40 and 49 years. In Italy the incidence of breast cancer after a long phase of growth has been declining since the late ´90s , as well as is constantly decreasing mortality , thanks to advances in treatment and early diagnosis . Today there are about 46 thousand new cases diagnosed each year and the average survival rate after five years is about 90 percent . On balance, in our country, the theoretical probability of getting breast cancer in a woman´s life is about every eight and , as reported in national statistics of Cancer Registries , cases under the age of 40 are less than five percent of the total, but what appears is still growing incidence in the 40s . The selection of screening in Italy , however, goes from 50 to 69 years with mammography every two years, and some regions also invite you to make free the 45 - 49enni . Before the age of 45 Italian experts suggest to evaluate with your doctor or breast specialist to do, bearing in mind that mammography in this age less effective and an MRI " best seen " by a young breast .

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