09 Luglio 2020

Analysis laboratory

The Ecomedica Institute Analysis department carries out it´s activities in all branches of diagnostic blood chemistry , citolological , microbiological and industrial toxicologist .
The demand for these services has been , over the years , a sudden acceleration , for both the quantity and the quality of the inspection, because of the considerable increase of the diagnostic in vitro with tests and the introduction of new and more sophisticated tests as techniques in PCR that allow to highlight a few fragments of bacterial or viral nucleic acid in a circle , the expression of infection still silent , and finally the techniques of molecular biology applied to Genetics . The need for support with the diagnostic test the activity of specialist centers operating within the Institute, has stimulated the Laboratory to organize and provide the results of these specific tests in less time.
As has been done so far in the Ecomedica analysis department can not constitute a sort of achievement , but attentive to the continuous technological innovations
We propose new developments and further scientific knowledge , by involving our biologists in further training and specialization in the various disciplines.

Type of executable tests at our Structure

Clinical Chemistry : There are all the diagnostic possibilities of this branch . The tests are performed on automated tools that provide high reliability in terms of performance and accuracy of the data, all via a very sophisticated computerized management , and in any case under the supervision of an operator.

Hematology : the use of a hemocytometer to VCS technology , has enabled a remarkable improvement , allowing to separate normal from pathological in some way , by selecting the samples to be screened then by an ematologist MD .

Coagulation is aware of the importance of this type of tests , especially for patients on anticoagulant therapy . The use of an automatic coagulometer allows, in addition to the quality of the data, also a timely response otherwise impractical.

Immunoassay : the flexibility and productivity of the tool in use allow us to perform most of hormonal assays , tumor markers , antibody research to major infectious diseases , with response times in the event of an emergency, every day.

: Is , at certain levels , the sector less automatable : the acquisition of a tool that identifies the jamb pathogen and proposes the possible susceptibility , has greatly facilitated the work of the microbiologist , lifting it from the interpretation, not always certain , of the data obtained with systems more or less manual .

Examinations in service : the exams due to lack of demand or for specific technical features can not be performed on site, selling commissioned in trust structures in Tuscany and Lombardy , which exhibit impressive credentials for specialized sectors in which they operate .

Current diagnostic

Breath test : non-invasive test that allows us to ensure the ongoing infection with Helicobacter Pylorii , responsible for most of gastroduodenal ulcers .

Lactose breath test : examination that serves to highlight the lack of lactase enzymes needed for digestion of milk , from which intestinal disorders such as bloating, abdominal pain , disturbed hive .

Food intolerances test : examination to evaluate the immune-mediated intolerance for foods , which may be associated , as well as eating disorders, also in numerous other pathologies.

Drugs of Abuse test
: In addition to opiates, cocaine and cannabinoids may be sought ´s MDMA , the main constituent of Ecstasy .

Genetic tests can be performed karyotype studies on chromosomes and on specific genes , such as the search for mutations predictive of susceptibility to diseases such as cystic fibrosis and celiac disease .

Molecular Biology tests : tests performed using sophisticated molecular biology techniques in the field of cytogenetic and infectious diseases .

Sexually transmitted diseases tests : infections that cause is a reality not yet well assessed , due to the difficulty of diagnosis that traditional methods entail. The use of sofosticate molecular biology techniques , which make it possible to search some of the agent on different biological materials , demonstrate that these diseases are much more widespread than believed .

Papilloma virus test : Is now recognized the correlation between infection and cervical cancer , the tests for the detection of HPV associated with the classical PAP -Test will greatly increase the level of prevention of this serious disease . Essential for the evaluation of vaccine therapy .

HPLC test : This sophisticated technology allows applications in various fields of diagnostics : the dosage of homocysteine ​​, an important cardiac marker , the assay of urinary catecholamines , up to dosing of drugs such as Keppra , antiepileptic introduced recently.

Salivary hormones tests : cortisol and testosterone dosage of saliva is representative of the proportion of active hormone that circulates in the blood in free form. The classic dosage of these hormones on the blood is representative instead of the hormone in its entirety , including the one related to transport proteins , and as such inactive .
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