09 Luglio 2020

New multi- TAC (64 slices) at Ecomedica

31-01-2014 11:32 - News Generiche
This new instrument is a true jewel of technology , able to perform very specific exams in a short time and with considerably reduced radiation dose to the patient.

With the 64-slice CT with cardiac and angiologic software at Ecomedica it is possible to carry out tests at very high definition and with the highest diagnostic power as cardio CT or CT of the coronary arteries
That study allows the doctors to examin the coronary tree in order to reduce the risk of stroke in young age, assessing aneurysms or occlusions of the arteries or veins in addition to all the other CT exams.

The machine is also equipped with a sophisticated navigation software that allows MD to run virtual colonoscopy , a test that has a diagnostic yield comparable to the conventional colonoscopy , but much less annoying as it not only lasts a few seconds but does not require introduction of the probe, thus resulting in considerably less invasive.

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